Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream!

These are the new ice cream jewelry i realized (click on the pictures to enlarge them!). I decided to change a little the design and make them more realistic. I hope you like them! I'm pretty satisfied of my work and i kept a pair of earrings for me! :) The ones in the photos are not available at the moment since i send them to Alessia, who has a beautiful little shop in Viale Dante, Padua, called  Mon Tou Tou. If you will ever go to Padua, have a look at it! It has a choice of very cute brand among which N2Pepe e Menta and Hello Kitty
Clearly all the cones could be reproduced, if you are interested you just have to contact me! You could see the idividual photos on my flickr album.

More pictures of my creations on my Flickr album.
More selling items on my Etsy shop

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Maria-Thérèse said...

Your creations are sooo cute! I will take a look at your Italian blog as well. I go to Italy every year and understand a little bit of Italian but don't speak much :-S

I've been thinking about going to Padua... Will make a note of the shop name since I love Hello Kitty too :)

ciao da Svezia,

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