Monday, December 13, 2010

I won a giveaway!!! - Celestefrittata's 2011 planner

Last week I won a giveaway on High Street Shoppes of Hogsmeade Village facebook page, that periodically raffles off some gifts for the followers. The page of a group of artisans who sell Harry Potter related items on Etsy.
The price was an amazing weekly planner handmade by Celestefrittata.

Celestefrittata makes planners, notebooks, stationery and pins inspired by Harry Potter's world. Years ago I bought a spells and charms notebook, so I already knew the feelings that you have in front of her creations: just the beautiful packaging makes you wonder where has the delivery owl gone and if it wouldn't want something to eat before leave again.

The refined design oh her production makes you think that if there really were an Hogwarts Express that every first of September left from King's Cross, many of the passengers on board would probably had Celestefrittata's notebooks in their trunks.
After all, in my opinion, this is a feature of all the object handmade with love and dedication: to be a little magic, some kind of Horcrux, but good.


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